Cousin Tullio

Today we went to meet Cousin Tullio for the first time.  He is the only relative that we know of in Italy.  He and  his wife, Marina, couldn’t have been more humble and welcoming.  We had espresso and biscotti  at their home and exchanged gifts.  Then after a wonderful visit, we were getting ready to leave when we figured out (not an easy thing to do when nobody speaks the same language) that they were taking us to Il Duomo (the wonderful cathedral in Milan).  So on the bus we go.  They took us around the piazza and into Il Duomo and showed us the magnificent architecture and artwork, then went to La Scala and afterwards we stopped for a glass of wine.  Four hours after we met, we hugged and kissed and said goodbye (for now).  I’m guessing out of the 4 hours I probably understood about 30  minutes of clear language, and Dennis probably got about 4 minutes and 30 seconds worth.  But nobody cared.  We were family and we were connected. That was all that mattered on this day, and a good day it was.



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1 Response to Cousin Tullio

  1. Dennis says:

    Your estimate of 4 minutes and 30 seconds is VERY generous.

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