On Friday we got to the airport in Boston for a 2:15 p.m. shuttle flight to JFK.  That didn’t exactly happen.  Out on the tarmac the captain told us we were delayed due to weather in New York so we would be sitting for 1/2 hour or so.  The minutes ticked by and the hours started to tick by.   We had to make a 5:45 p.m. connection from JFK to Milan.  I scrambled to call our travel agent to try to arrange for a Plan B because it wasn’t looking like Plan A was going to happen. Finally, at 4:00 p.m. we got clearance for takeoff.  Now because we were just hanging out on the tarmac with about 250 of our newest friends, the flight crew kept us well hydrated and once in the air continued to bring water to everybody.  I hadn’t had two sips from my water when all of a sudden the whole cup spilled into my lap.  It was so outrageous there was nothing to do but laugh, as did Dennis, as did the flight attendant when she came over.  Here I was sitting in the big puddle looking like I just had the biggest pee of my life.  I hope this isn’t an omen of things to come. 

In spite of delays and water world, we made our connection and boarded the plane for Milan.  When we got to our seats, we were somewhat surprised to realize that the seats were so close together, that if we had been wearing knee pads, our knees probably would have touched the forward seat.  I mean to tell you this space was so small it was like flying to Italy in a gel cap.  Oh well, the good news is we reached Milan and found the hotel.  Going to rest for a short while and then go out to meet Cousin Tullio.

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  1. Arnette says:

    Judy & I are at the Grotto st the end of the world party. Are you Still with us? Miss you. Have fun!

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