Cousin Tullio (Round 2)

I had just opened my eyes on Sunday morning when the phone rang in the hotel room.  In the very short statement by the gentleman on the other end of the line, there were four words that I understood perfectly.  Buongiorno (good morning) – Tullio (no translation needed) – albergo (hotel) –qui (here).  Cousin Tullio was down in the lobby.  Okey dokey then… let’s see how fast we can get showered and downstairs.  Apparently, he and Marina realized that they had given me gifts, but not Dennis.  So Cousin Tullio brought a second bag for Dennis.  After cappuccino we all walked to get the rental car, and then we gave him a ride back to his house, at which time we made our final farewell (I think).  For some reason I don’t this is the last time you will hear about Cousin Tullio during this blog.

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1 Response to Cousin Tullio (Round 2)

  1. RLH says:

    Cousin Tullio sounds like good people. 🙂

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