Took the local train today to Monterosso (yes, the railway strike is over).  We opted not to hike the 2 hour trail because the weather is unusually warm, and the 98 stairs to get in and out of our hotel room is quite enough hiking for me.  Glad to say there were no unexpected adventures today.  We relaxed and did “the tourist” thing. Met some really great gals from North Carolina while we were waiting for the train and had a fun chat with them. Tomorrow we leave for Florence, through the mountain roads (I’ve ordered tranquilizers for Dennis).   Will check back with you all from there.  Ciao.

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  1. Pat Stoddart says:

    Hello Myra and Dennis…it was great meeting you at the train station…I’m one of those North Carolina gals you met. In the picture I am standing next to Dennis. Thanks for the combo US/Italy pin. I attached it to my ‘international’ hat and think of you two when I wear it. I love reading your blog and feel like I have visited thru you some of the places…I loved Italy!

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