The Road to Firenze

From Dennis:  We started out the day meeting a very pleasant South African couple, several Aussies and a couple from Michigan.  I’m sure that there are some Italians around too, but, it could be just a rumor.
I felt it was only right that I dip my tootsies in the water of the Ligurian Sea so, after breakfast, I did that, just long enough to cover my bare feet in sand before marching back to the room to check out and carry all 4.3 metric tons of luggage down the 100 or so stone steps to the village square. 
The bus took us back to the parking lot and it was time for another hair raising ride through the mountains in the little Fiat “Punto”.  Myra has convinced herself it’s a Ferrari and we are in the Grand Prix of Monaco.  I’m guessing even the great Tazio Nuvolari would have had white knuckles on this little jaunt.  (Picture posted is the GPS map of the road.)
In any case, we got to the Autostrade in one piece and are proceeding at a more stately pace toward Firenze.  I suspect it will not have the quaint charm of Cinque Terre, but, I’m willing to give up some of that ambience for more creature comforts and fewer stairs.

From Myra:  Arrived in Firenze without a hitch (thank you Mr. GPS).  We immediately went to Il Duomo (a must when in Florence).  Was taking Dennis’ picture when some woman reached out and grabbed his hand.  Oh well… that’s Florence.  Taking a little rest at the moment and then out for dinner and Ponte Vecchio.  Tomorrow, we’re meeting up with “David” and then to the Uffizi to see some of Mike’s stuff.  AND… our room here is on the FIRST floor.  Things are looking up!!

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1 Response to The Road to Firenze

  1. Lindsay says:

    Mr. GPS looks like someone had a seizure with a pink highlighter.

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