Arrived in Alfedena early this afternoon.  Had to wait for a thunderstorm to pass by and then walked to the restaurant La Ruota (the wagon wheel) for a light lunch.  Afterwards we walked to visit my friend from last year, Adele Spada (on my immediate right) and to introduce ourselves to our new friends, Camillo and Maria Di Palma, who are the parents of my friend Cristina who lives in Rome (they are on either side). Also joining the group on the far right are Renzo and Domenica DiValerio (no relation).  We’re invited to everybody’s house tomorrow for coffee and to the DiPalma home for eats.  This is WAY too much fun.  Cousin Tullio always said, “Alfedena, che bella!”  I couldn’t agree with him more.

Afterwards Den and I did some exploring in town.  Heading back to La Ruota for dinner.  More to come tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Alfedena

  1. Donna Mignella says:

    Have enjoyed your entries of what looks to be a most enjoyable adventure.
    See you soon,

  2. emma mercuri says:

    love the pictures…………….

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