After checking into our room (which I will describe later) we headed off to Orvieto, a wonderful medieval town on top of a mountain.  We had been in touch with my cousin Ken and his wife, Maureen, during the day and planned to meet them in the piazza in front of Il Duomo (the cathedral), which we did.   We chose a little outside café for lunch and shared stories of our trips so far. (The porchetta panini was great.)  Afterwards we strolled around the town and took in the sights.  Since Ken and Maureen had booked one of the tours for later that afternoon, we parted company and will hook up with them again in Alfedena on Saturday.  Den and I continued to explore the town, part of which was trying to find the elevator to get down to the bottom ground level.  Because Orvieto was built high on the mountain, you park the car below and use some other means to get up top.  This was a great stop, and a wonderful contrast to the other cities so far.  Heading back to our room now. 

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