Lunch with the DiPalma’s

We received an invitation for lunch from my new friends, Maria and Camillo DiPalma.  Dennis and I started the day with a stroll around the village until our cousin Ken and Maureen arrived.  Once they checked in, we all walked to the DiPalma home.  Well… lunch wasn’t exactly lunch.  I’m sure all the food descriptions in this blog are getting a bit redundant, but dining is a total experience here.  We worked our way through 5 courses, three difference wines, espresso and two different after dinner drinks.  (At the table, Camillo, Maria, Ken, Den, Maureen, Adele Spada (whom I met last year) and me.)After a stroll through Camillo’s garden, we took a walk to visit our other friends from yesterday, Renzo and Domenica DiValerio.  They tried to feed us, too, but at that point, basta meant basta!  Renzo is a woodworker, and he proudly displayed the furniture in his home.  Quite impressive.  Finally it was time to say goodbye, not an easy thing to do.  As Maria said, we arrived happy but we leave with tears.  If I had come to Italy and had just this one day, the trip would have been worth it.

Tomorrow… off to Rome.

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1 Response to Lunch with the DiPalma’s

  1. Lindsay says:

    Be honest. You guys planned the khaki pants, right? 😉

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