Drove to Rome and returned our car without a hitch.  Driving in Rome is somewhat challenging, not so much because of the traffic, but there are so many streets without any rhyme or reason.  Originally cow paths, I guess, they tend to intertwine and zig and zag. 

Anyway, since we only had the afternoon, we opted to go to the Colosseum and The Roman Forum, two of my favorite places.  For me, walking the streets that Caesar walked still takes my breath away.  Afterwards we stopped for a “beverage,” and I suggested that we take a walk to Trastevere, a village across the Tiber, which has wonderful old world charm, along with a terrific pizza shop that I had been to before.  So off we went for a stroll along Tiber.  Decided to  do pizza and beer as an appetizer (and the pizza was to die for) and then set out on a mission to find a little cafe that a lady had told us about earlier in the day.  Our search was well worth the effort, because the food and atmosphere couldn’t have been better.  (ummmm… I think I’ve said that before in this blog, haven’t I?)  But it really is true.  The food is wonderful, the people are friendly and the atmosphere is incomparable.  Tomorrow we head home.  It’s been a super trip with lots of memorable moments.  But how could it not be?… It’s Italia!!


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