A Gift from God

IMG_1600 Cousin Tullio IMG_1596IMG_1603

Prior to leaving for our trip, I received word from Cousin Tullio that he would not be summering in Alfedena this year due to a foot injury. Really sad news because we had hoped to see him and his wife, Marina, and visit the home where my ancestors were born. But he did say that his brother or sister might be there and that we should look them up while in town. So before lunch we strolled the narrow streets to find his home. On the way we stopped to chat with a lady in front of the church. She was quite delightful and pointed the way to Via Fonticella. Then she asked our family name. I told her DiPalma and DiValerio. She said…”I’m a DiPalma.” And, of course, we have some relatives in common. After a fun filled chat, we walked to see if we could find our relatives, but after ringing the bell, it was apparent that no one was home. So we opted to head back into town to have lunch. As we’re strolling, this couple walks past us from the opposite direction, and I think to myself “That woman looks just like Marina, Cousin Tullio’s wife.” Well, I’m staring to beat the band and even turned to look at her as she passes because of the resemblance, but I know that Cousin Tullio is in Milano. And then I hear the gentleman say… “Myra”. And then came the gift. It was Cousin Tullio and Marina. Although he was unable to drive, they decided to take the train to spend a few weeks in the mountains. What a wonderful surprise! He brought us to his home and showed us where all my DiPalma ancestors were born. We had a wonderful visit, and it was so great to see them again. I thought yesterday was a humdinger, but today was a real gift from God.

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