Saturday Around Town

On Saturday we did some exploring around town. Took a walk through the park where there is a monument to the pavers from Alfedena who sculpted the roads in Rome.

Then ended up for coffee at a little bar called Il Chiosco. When they heard us speaking English, they called for the mother of the owner. And where do you think she is from…? Jersey! Great fun chatting it up with Giulia and telling stories.
In the afternoon we made some visits of friends in the village. My old friend Adele (or Zia Adele as I call her) and then to Domenica and Renzo DiValerio. Of course, every visit involves some sort of cake and beverage. (We really shouldn’t have had lunch.)
In the evening there was a band playing in the piazza, so of course we had to go hear what was going on. Everybody is so friendly and now they are greeting us on the street because they’ve met us in town. It’s going to be difficult to leave Alfedena.
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