Deruta and Assisi

On Tuesday I decided to have a field trip. I had wanted to go to Deruta to see the ceramics and also to Assisi, so I taped Dennis into the car and drove off down the road. We arrived at Deruta without much effort, aside from Dennis thinking “Why am I going to see ceramics?” We stopped at a shop and were greeted as if they had been waiting for us. The owner took us on a private tour of the factory to show us how everything was hand made and painted, from clay to vase. SO interesting. At the end of the tour, who do you think was buying pieces…? You know who… Dennis Aylward. He couldn’t get enough.
20130903_062054 20130903_062041 20130903_061807 20130903_064318

And with smiles on our faces we hit the road for Assisi. A short ride through farming fields, and we could soon see Assisi up on the hill. It always is surreal to see live what you’ve seen in books. We made our way to the Basilica of St. Francis and entered in silence (as required) and without cameras. Even for two non-Catholics, standing in front of the tomb of St. Francis was a memorable moment. Really glad I planned this field trip; it was a memorable day.
20130903_092832 20130903_095549

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