Dinner in Dublin

I can’t be in Dublin without having one meal at Trocadero, a rather plush restaurant catering to the “theater type” crowd.  With pictures of Ireland’s glitterati covering the walls, The Troc (as we locals call it) offers good food, good service and good atmosphere. Since we went rather early (7:15 p.m.) we hadn’t bothered to make a reservation.  Mistake.  The hostess informed us that they were full, but hesitated and said to wait just a moment as she would check to see whether or not she could fit two more.  Returning with a smile, she told us we MUST be done by 9:00 p.m., as the table was reserved.  Not a problem for two hungry Americans. As she brought us to the table, she leaned over to me and whispered, “Best table in the house.”  A very lucky break. We had no delay in ordering, because I knew exactly what I wanted… rack of lamb.  I wasn’t disappointed.  A great way to finish a great vacation.  Tomorrow, off to Boston.
IMG_1225 20130907_152517_LLS 20130907_152811

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