We Arrived!

We’re here in Alfedena.  The plane trip was excellent, and the drive out was without incident.  This year Mr. GPS was spot on; no side trips, no heart-stopping hairpin curves and no Valium for Dennis.  I took the southern route, as opposed to my usual northern way, around the Apennine mountains, and I liked it a lot.  It was a real easy drive.  In spite of a little lack of sleep, we cleaned up and walked into town for our ceremonious first glass of wine.  And, of course, we ran into my friend, Luisa, who told us that there was a festival in the next city over, Castel di Sangro.  So, after a bite of pizza, we took a ride and investigated.  There was a huge stage with music and lots of vendors.  But alas, Dennis was falling asleep between the subject and the verb of his sentences, so we opted to head back for some well deserved rest.

Today, we are visiting with the parents  of my friend, Cristina.  Looking forward to it. 



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1 Response to We Arrived!

  1. Bill G says:

    Finalmente in Italia!!! Mangiate e bevete un sacco.
    Buona vacanza.
    Il tuo amico.

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