Day Two

Today we took a ride to Scontrone, a small village on the top of the hill next to Alfedena. Very small, very picturesque. The panoramas were gorgeous.



Later in the day we stopped to say hi to our friends, Camillo and Maria DiPalma (no relation, but like family). Needless to say, Maria fed us food and gave us wine. They are such lovely people. We took a walk with Camillo and made a new friend, Hugo, who lives in Alfedena and Ft. Lauderdale (figure that one out). Tomorrow we are going to the DiPalma’s for lunch.


Also this morning, we made the stop at the cemetery (that’s always a “must visit” when we’re here). The DiPalma family has its own private chapel, and Cousin Tullio’s late wife, Marina, is now an occupant. I noticed there were fresh flowers, so I suspected some of his relatives must be staying at the house here. So this afternoon we took a walk, and I can’t tell you how delighted I was to find and meet a new cousin… Cousin Concetta, Cousin Tullio’s sister. We had a wonderful visit, and she spoke very slowly, so we understood most of the conversation. But one thing that I was having trouble understanding is that she seemed to suggest that Tullio had put flowers in the chapel yesterday. I thought to myself I must not be getting this. But again she implied that they put the flowers and cleaned the chapel together. Finally I asked, “Is Tullio here?”

Sì sì was her answer (with a big smile). So I asked again to make sure “Tullio è qui a Alfedena?” Sì.
Well, I’ll be darned. Here I am worrying about him in Milan because I hadn’t heard from him in awhile, and he’s summering in Alfedena. Ha Ha. He was out visiting a cousin. Concetta said he never received my letter saying I was coming over. Is he in for a surprise when he gets home!!

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