OK.  Back to the blog.  Been a little busy, and the hotel in Spoleto has WiFi only in the lobby.  Good thing Dennis and I were just about the only people in the hotel.  I would sneak out in the evening or early morning in my pajamas and go online.  LOL. 

Our first day in Spoleto there was a humdinger of a rainstorm.  Maybe a good thing so we could take a little break from the frenetic pace we kept in Alfedena. Once the rain stopped, we wondered out to explore.  Spoleto is very beautiful  with typical, spectacular Umbrian panoramas.  Our hotel was located right next to a Roman aqueduct, which needless to say is just magnificent.



Dennis is a big fan of “Don Matteo,” an Italian TV show that he watches in Florida, so we took some time to find different sites where they shoot the series.   With the Italian economy being in dire straits, having a famous show filming in town does wonders to showcase the area and brings in many tourists.  Spoleto seems to be doing OK.

During one of our strolls, we went by Teatro Nuovo, and I heard a woman singing opera.  Sounded like a rehearsal or practice session.  I could have sat on a park bench and listened for hours.

Food in Spoleto was super! (But come on, it’s Italy.  I’m going to say that in every town.)  I had the cinghiale (wild boar) and lentil soup on a couple of occasions.  Delicious.  And, of course, there’s pasta everywhere. Met a real nice couple from Ohio the last night at dinner, Linda and Crick. Had great fun chatting with them.


Next stop, Florence.

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