Day 5 – Deruta

Today we decided to take a ride to Deruta to visit the shop of my friend, Michele, who makes some of the best ceramics in Italy.  I emailed him in the morning to tell him we were coming, so we made plans to get there before noon so he could show Jodi the factory and how the ceramics are made.  I think he is one of the best for Deruta ceramics.  Jodi’s credit card let him know how much she enjoyed it.

20150831_120533 20150831_113413 20150831_115944

We asked Michele where we should have lunch while in Deruta.  He suggested a wonderful place called Siro just a few miles up the road.  I had the cinghiale (wild boar) for lunch, which was spectacular.  It’s just the best pork dish on the planet.  This trip is getting to be one feed trough to the next.   We got back to the farm later in the afternoon and had a drink by the pool. Had to think about where to go for dinner.

20150831_130339 20150831_182430

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