Day 6 – Rome


The trip from Orvieto to Rome went off without a hitch.  But I have to tell you… I like driving in big cities but Rome is not my city of choice for driving.  I always drop the car off at an office just outside the city proper.  Even at that, it ain’t pretty.  We took a 10 minutes cab ride to Hotel Teatro di Pompeo.  I have been here before and am acquainted with the concierge, Simona.  When I walked in the door, we looked at each other and I hoped she would know me without introduction.  It took about 6 seconds, and then she started screaming.  I mean it almost startled me.  20150903_081930I don’t know exactly what it is about this trip, but the receptions are remarkable.  Maybe they are just happy to see American dollars coming home.  Or hopefully, they have retained great memories as I have.

Anyway, Jodi and I were both hungry, so we went to a great little café across from the Pantheon for lunch.  Jodi had pasta e fagioli and I had lentil soup (with three glasses of wine).  Perfetto!  And then…the Pantheon, my favorite place in Rome.
There is something about being inside the Pantheon  that gets all my senses on high alert.  The perfect building with the perfect energy.  I just love it.



Next (since we needed to work off lunch) we strolled over to the Spanish Steps.  The road leading there (Via Condotti) is where the big spenders shop: Gucci, Hermes, Valentino, Cartier…  you get the picture.  Well, at least we had fun looking.

Tonight we have been invited to the home of my good friend, Cristina DiPalma, and her husband, David Salvatori.  We’re taking the Metro out there.  This should be fun.

We got on the train at Termini station with directions in hand.  What we really needed was directions on how to buy a ticket because there were multiple choices, but a lady saw the map of the U.S. on our faces and kindly helped out. We got to the right track but didn’t know that there were 2 trains traveling that line.  Naturally, we got on the wrong train.  It didn’t take long to see that this one was forking off in a different direction, so we got off and doubled back.  Finally, we arrived a bit late, and David picked us up at the station and drove us home.

Hugs and kisses all around, and then the food started.  It was my first time at Cristina’s home since we usually meet in Roma, so this was an honor for me.  Cristina is a great cook, but there was so much food you’d think she were having the whole neighborhood over.  SO much food!!!  A terrific evening, and Jodi got to see some of David’s great underwater photography.  I love my friends… all of them!!!

IMG-20150901-WA0004 IMG-20150901-WA0003 20150901_22353820150901_224548

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