Alfedena – Day 2

Today was filled with friends and fun.  We walked through the town and stopped to say hello to some old friends and make some new ones.  Zia Adele (not really my aunt, but we don’t tell anybody) was our first stop, and she invited us in for a fun beverage that put us all in a happy mood.  She is so kind and gracious, it always makes for a highlight of my trip.  Her daughter, Amelia, happened to stop by, so it was a great reunion.


Next stop was at the home of Lorenzo and Domenica DiValerio (no relation).  Fortunately, their daughter, Pilar, was visiting from Milan. Pilar speaks English, so this was an easy visit.


And then there’s Beniamino, my huggable friend.  He makes every day happy.


In the evening, we had last call with Giacomo Campana, who runs the local coffee shop/bar.  We made a new friend there.  A woman, Giulia, heard us speaking English, so we all started chatting.  If we stayed here another week, we could probably run for office.




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