We Arrived

After a great flight from Boston to Rome, we arrived a bit tired but ready for our adventure.  Of course we had some laughs along the way, but then we got our Alfa Romeo and hit the road to our villa in Tuscany.

The first night we had dinner al fresco served by our chef for the week, Laura. With her assistant, Rosella, we had a great meal and shared our stories of our travels into Italy.
Since none of us had slept much, we got to bed fairly early and slept a LONG time, which was great because we had plans for a full luncheon and tour of the winery at the villa where we are staying. Ginevra, our tour guide, was very informative. When you realize that it costs $1,000 for each French oak barrel used for fermentation (and there are a gazillion of them), you can easily understand why a nice wine costs a couple of bucks.

Following our tour we had 3 courses of food and wine pairing. The proscutto, the Bolognese, the beef… spectacular!

Afterwards, we took a stoll and snapped a couple of pics.  Tonight we are all sitting around the kitchen table having drinks and wine and playing cards. 


More to come tomorrow. Ciao.
 NOTE: Uploading photos is very slow with the Internet connection, so I will be adjusting and adding as we go along.

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