San Gimignano

On Monday, Ida and I decided to take a ride to San Gimignano, a 13th century medieval, walled hill town known for its towers. Famous for its Romanesque and Gothic architecture, it is  not uncommon to see art students sitting outside the Duomo to challenge their skills. The church is famous for its largely intact scheme of fresco decorations.

After a stroll around town, we decided to have lunch in the Piazza Cisterna, the main gathering spot where the ancient town well is located. I had cinghiale (my favorite dish). 

Upon returning to the villa, Christine arranged to have appetizers and drinks for the girls while the fellows went off to Florence for a bachelor party. A dinner of ribs and sasauge was prepared by our chef, Laura. Every meal is better than the last one.

Tomorrow… the wedding of our friends, Christine Klase and Craig Taylor.

P.S.  Ida says I drive like an Italian. (I think that’s good.)

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1 Response to San Gimignano

  1. Lindsay says:

    Love that place! I went to the torture museum during my stop. Guess you skipped that. 😉

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