Thursday morning we hopped the high speed train to Rome.  It was a terrific, fast ride and a great way to travel.  The concierge at the Hotel Teatro di Pompeo (Simone) remembered us from last year.  She’s a great gal and very accommodating.  

20140904_044037  20140905_070318  

The hotel is centrally located, so it’s an easy walk to all the sites that I love to see.  My usual morning stop is at Campo dei Fiori for the farmers’ market.  I stop in every morning just to browse around and see what’s going on.  Always fun to chit chat with the vendors.  

20140905_055404_LLS 20140905_055453_LLS

On Thursday night we met up with my BFF in Rome, Cristina DiPalma.  Cristina is the daughter of Camillo and Maria who had us for lunch at their home in Alfedena.  We had a great evening with Cristina and got a little silly, but that’s what wine is for, no?

20140904_173332 20140904_173413 20140904_173437

One of my favorite places to visit is the Pantheon.  There’s something about that place that just gets me.  I can feel the energy when I walk inside.  Everything about it is exciting.  It’s a “must see” whenever I’m in Rome.

20140904_094204_LLSMyra Pantheon

Friday night we had dinner at Taverna dei Fori Imperiali.  The owner, Claudia, is a friend of my cousins Jeff and Sue Smith, so we had to make a stop there to bring greetings from the family.  Claudia was SO nice, and the food was fabulous.  Put this place on your list next time you’re in Rome.

20140905_143543_LLS 20140905_155800

And then, of course, there’s Rome.  There’s nothing like Rome.  I’m already thinking about next year.  

20140905_060707 20140905_161112_LLS 20140905_161813_LLS 20140905_162325

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