The Drink

Just a funny little story to share. As you may or may not know, Italians do not drink much hard alcohol, only wine and beer.  So a friend had recommended a restaurant to us, and we decided to stop in for a cocktail and see what it was like.  We walked in the door and were the only people there. We told the waiter we were in for a drink, and we could tell by the look on his face this was not what he was hoping for.  The bar had only two stools, which we occupied.  There was a drink menu available, and one of the items was a screwdriver.  Not wanting to make this difficult, we opted for two.  Oops, no can do. This stumped the fellow, so he had to leave the bar to get another fellow (probably the owner) to make the drink. 

OK.  First he had to leave the bar to get an ice tray… be right back.  Then he filled two martini glasses with ice. Next, he got a shaker and put about a shot of vodka and added orange juice (remember, this is for 2 drinks).  He emptied the ice out of the glasses, poured, and voila! 


Dennis and I shared a few jokes about drunk driving, when suddenly out comes the bruschetta.  I’ll tell you, they may not know how to make a drink, but they sure know hospitality!


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  1. Beginning to believe all of Italy knows about hospitality & great food!

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