Cousin Tullio

Well what kind of a blog would this be without news about Cousin Tullio?  On Friday we headed out to Via Fonticella and (of course) Cousin Tullio was standing outside waiting as we arrived.  Hugs, hugs and lots of smiles.  We went inside to visit with everybody and catch up on family news.  I’m really happy to see that he is doing quite well after losing his wife in January and was in very good spirits.  I think having his sister with him is a plus.


Since we had a car, we made plans for the next day to stop back at the cemetery and then go to lunch.  Concetta insisted that we stop at the flower shop so she could buy some flowers for our great-grandfather’s grave.  Two armfuls later (and two vases) we’re off.  Arranging the flowers was a very solemn moment and one I will long remember.  I am sure our ancestors were pleased.


Then off to Pulcinella Ristorante for lunch.  Our friends Rosa and Vincenzo speak some English, so there was even more conversation.  It was a very good day.


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